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Rules and Laws of the Land
These are rules you must follow if you want to post on the forum or chat on the Underground AOL Discord. If you don't want to follow them, you are welcome to go else where, it doesn't bother us.
  • A.1 - Keep foul language to a minimum, it happens, but let's try to be civil.
  • A.2 - NSFW content is not allowed and will get you banned.
  • A.3 - No discussion about drug use or alcohol abuse, nor holidays or festivals centred around those things. Trying to use cloaked language that you think nobody else understands will only get you banned for trying to get around the rules.
  • A.4 - No drama of any kind, we want this to be a peaceful and respectful place and that won't be tolerated.
  • A.5 - Always remember: this is not a town square or your own personal playground.
  • A.6 - Don't start politics-heavy discussions/wars, this is not a place for that and it won't be accepted
  • A.7 - Don't send personal information of users if they're not okay with that.
  • A.8 - Be prepared for a mod to tell you to knock it off or shut up if you become a pain.
  • A.9 - Be respectful of other people and be polite.

Additional rules for Underground AOL Discord and/or IRC:
  • D.1 - Always read a channel topic before chatting.
  • D.2 - Spam/Flood is not allowed and will result in a kick. If continued after the kick you will be banned.
  • D.3 - Do your best to keep channels on topic. Accidents happen, but be sure to move off topic discussions to their appropriate channels.
  • D.4 - Please keep bot commands only to #bots, if continued after warned you will be kicked.
  • D.5 - If you're stupid enough to ask if these rules apply to private chats on NINA or Phoenix, or if they apply in IMs or DMs, then you deserve to be called stupid.

Additional rules for the forum:
  • F.1 - No threads just for memes, unless it is a NINA-specific meme, then that will be judged on a case by case basis.
  • F.2 - No replies that are simply memes.
  • F.3 - Resurrecting old topics is fine, so long as you have something to contribute other than "lol me too", if we wanted to keep people from posting to old threads, we'd lock them.
  • F.4 - Bumping threads is fine, so long as you post something new to it other than "bump", if it's not worth reading, it's not worth posting.

Additional rules can be added without notice, and ad hoc rules can be enforced on users who act like jackasses.

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